You Can Now Spend a Lazy Summer In a Floating Hammock

You Can Now Spend a Lazy Summer In a Floating Hammock

Whether you’re living the off grid life full time, or not, you can now spend a whole lazy summer in a floating hammock, unplugged from the world and immersed in nature, soaking up the sunshine. Imagine jumping in here on a hot day and floating on the lake, diving into the water every once in a while to cool off. Imagine taking a few friends with you – there’s enough room for one more, at least, maybe more, depending on which model you decide on. You could pack a picnic lunch, a few cold drinks, and you’d be all set. Ahh, there’s just so much to be said for off grid living, even if it’s just for a few hours a day.

The Hammocraft floating hammock design is an ingenious DIY invention that combines paddle boards with hammocks, making for the ultimate lounging watercraft that doesn’t cost overly much. The Hammocraft is perfect for hot summer days on the lake, river, or ocean. Although, for the ocean, you’ll want to anchor it so you don’t float too far away. It’s not meant for big waves, fast-moving water, or rapids, but calm and leisurely hammock rides. You can even float it in your backyard swimming pool. The floating hammock could be the ideal diving platform, nap getaway, or tanning nook, right over the water. For the brave and daring, you could even sleep in it overnight. Based in Jackson Wyoming, the Hammocraft manufacturing company provides hammocks, frames, and other building blocks required to build your own DIY floating hammock at home. You can choose to construct a single-person hammock craft, or a double-person hammock craft, or even a hammock craft that will accommodate multiple persons. Hammocraft frames are made from top-quality stainless steel and aluminum that are easily connected to paddle boards, river rafts, and other water craft. You can also connect them to just about anything else – on land or otherwise.

Purchasing a floating hammock, or even making your own as a DIY project, is just one step closer to living completely off the grid. What exactly does that mean, living off-grid? “Grid” is a reference to the interconnected grid system of electricity, fuel, water supply, phone lines, and, yes, even Wi-Fi, that we in the western world tend to depend upon on a daily basis. For a person to go entirely off-grid means for him or her to disconnect from the grid and therefore no longer have to pay for these things. It means learning how to either go without, or to provide these things for oneself, using alternative sources of energy and power –for example, solar power, wind power, battery power, and water power. It means becoming more self-sufficient and responsible for one’s own energy consumption. It can also mean growing your own food, planting your own gardens, and starting your own do-it-yourself projects. It also means living a more natural life, more connected to nature, and taking pleasure in the simple things.

The reason why we’re referring to the floating hammock as an excellent off grid device is because it connects us to nature and it doesn’t need any fuel to run. It can also make for an extra off-grid sleeping space for guests in the summer time, if you need one for your off grid home. It can also be great for camping, giving you a taste of the off grid life. This great little article on the Hammocraft floating hammock comes from the “Country Living” website where you can catch up on design ideas, home and garden design, DIY craft projects, food and drink recipes, and more.*

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