This Funky Tiny House

This Funky Tiny House

There are all sorts of tiny house designs, styles and plans, from hand built cob cottages, strawbale houses, prefab tiny houses, school bus tiny homes, RV's, gypsy wagons, modular tiny houses, tiny log cabins and tiny houses on wheels. "This funky," tiny house is packed with lots of clever design surprises.

Each tiny house is unique with the design features used and the owners interior and exterior decorating. This design by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, is called the Pequod Tiny House, and is said to be the company's most elegant and complex build yet, it was built for a family of four from Indiana. The tiny house mobile home was very challenging and time consuming to build, and once you step inside you will see why. The wavy shape of the roof is a way of maximizing the heights in the lofts, lowering the ceiling heights in some spots, and also for an appealing and whimsical design. Inside is modern, with lots of innovative uses of space from storage under the stairs, to modern appliances and lots of little details, like a sink that can be covered by the same wood that is used for the countertop, allowing you to expand your counter space.

This tiny house space also has a pullout pantry that is hidden next to the refrigerator. You'll want to look at the site to see more photos, of all the great ideas included in this tiny space. By rethinking your use of space there are many ways to make tiny house living more comfortable. Of course by living in a tiny house you come to realize what stuff you really need, and you tend to want to buy less stuff, as you reconsider what you really need.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Little Things," website.

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